If you are looking for wall murals, wall wraps, or wall graphics that will help your business stand out, count on Interstate Image. We have more than 22 years of experience installing wall murals in offices, warehouses, elevators and more. Wall murals are a great way to inject a bit of life onto your office space. Contact us for a free estimate to experience the many benefits that come with using a vinyl wall wrap in a corporate building.

The Benefits of Wall Wraps and Murals for Commercial Businesses

When it comes to wall murals in Salt Lake City, there are a few benefits to keep in mind. These include:
  • Improved Atmosphere: When customers enter a commercial location, they are not just paying for the product or service. They are also paying for the atmosphere. A wall mural or wrap will inject instant life and excitement into any location.
  • Better Décor: Wallpaper and typical paint is staid and boring. A vinyl wall wrap simply provides more options when it comes to décor. This décor can be crafted to match nearly any decorating theme or style.
  • Productivity: A wall mural can even be added to employee workplaces to help them focus and concentrate. This will help the bottom line of any business, as it will improve the efficiency of its employees.
  • Culture and Customizability: Finally, wall murals can be used to reflect the culture of the business. In this manner, they are also customizable to meet the needs of the client.

Businesses That Can Benefit From Wall Wraps

There are numerous businesses that can leverage the power of wall murals and wraps. These include:
  • Bars and Clubs: it is also important to create an exciting atmosphere, which is where wraps and murals can be helpful
  • Churches: Detailed, ornate graphics are important for any religious service
  • Education: Schools and universities need to have logos and murals that reflect the institution
  • Corporate Offices: Beautiful wall murals can be used to help employees relax and focus
  • Healthcare: Healthcare institutions should use wall wraps and murals to help their patients remain calm
  • Gyms: Inspirational graphics can be used to push people to exercise harder
  • Hotels: Graphics are incredibly important in the hospitality industry for creating a welcoming atmosphere for guests

Wall Wrap Coverage

At Interstate Image, we provide a variety of wall wraps to our customers. These include:
  • Full Wall Wrap options, which are the most cost-effective choices
  • Partial Wall Wrap options, which provide more flexibility (such as a logo)
  • Pillar wrap, which is a unique option that will really set businesses apart
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