When you need professional car window tinting in Salt Lake City, look no further than Interstate Image. We offer the best name brands delivering both standard and tint film with ceramic coatings. Interstate Image have been automotive wrap and tint experts in Utah since 2000 and you can count on our team to deliver straightforward answers and professional installation services at affordable prices.

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Ford Mustang with window tinting - Interstate Image in Salt Lake City, Utah

Driving in Salt Lake City, Utah just got a whole lot cooler with the rise of car window tinting! An increasingly popular automotive enhancement, car window tinting not only amplifies the allure of your vehicle but also presents numerous practical benefits. Let's delve into the world of car window tinting - a world where style meets functionality!

Window Tinting and Driver Benefits

  • Upgraded vehicle appearance to a high standard
  • Better visibility with high optical clarity and deep graphite color tone
  • Enhance privacy
  • Premium comfort thanks to nano ceramic technology that ensures excellent infrared rejection and glare reduction
  • Block +99% of harmful UV
  • Zero interference of electronic equipment (metal free)
  • Minimum reflective effect
  • Long lasting color stability that won't fade
  • Lifetime, limited non-transferable warranty

The Appeal and Advantages of Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting adds an element of sleek sophistication to any vehicle, increasing both its aesthetic and resale value. However, the benefits extend well past the visual. Window tinting also blocks harmful UV rays, reduces glare, and increases privacy – essential factors for every driver in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Are There Special Laws Regarding Window Tinting in Salt Lake City, Utah?

In Salt Lake City, the laws regarding window tinting are outlined in the Utah State Code, specifically section 41-6a-1636. According to this code, the windshield in any vehicle must allow at least 70% of light through. This means that only a maximum of 30% tint can be applied to the windshield.

For the front side windows, the tint must also allow at least 70% of light through. However, the rear side windows and the rear window can have any tint darkness applied. This means that drivers can choose to have darker tints on these windows if they wish.

It's important to note that the Utah State Code also prohibits the use of any tinting material that is metallic or mirrored, as these can cause significant glare and hinder a driver's visibility.

Violating the window tinting laws in Salt Lake City can result in a citation and possible fines. It's recommended that drivers ensure their window tinting adheres to the regulations to avoid any legal consequences.

If you're considering getting your windows tinted in Salt Lake City, it's wise to consult the specific laws and regulations outlined in the Utah State Code or contact the Interstate Images professional window tinting team to ensure compliance.

Window Tint Salt Lake City Gallery

A person is cleaning the windshield of a car with fleet graphics.
A black Ford Ranger pickup truck with vinyl decals on a white background.
A man cleaning vinyl decals on the windshield of a car.
A pink jeep adorned with eye-catching fleet graphics parked in a bustling parking lot.
A pink jeep with eye-catching fleet graphics parked in a parking lot.
A pink jeep wrangler with vinyl decals is parked in a parking lot.
Car with new window tint installed - Interstate Image Salt Lake City, Utah
Car with tinted windows parked in Salt Lake City
Car window tinting in SLC, UT - Interstate Image Salt Lake City, Utah
A jeep gladiator is parked in front of a truck with vinyl decals.
A black Mercedes C Class is parked in a parking lot with vinyl decals.
A white Subaru WRX with vinyl decals on its hood.

Why Choose Interstate Image for your Car Window Tinting?

When it comes to car window tinting services in Salt Lake City, look no further than Interstate Image. With years of experience and a team of skilled professionals, we aim to provide high-quality and durable tinting solutions that exceed your expectations. We believe in combining top-notch materials with excellent customer service to make your car stand out in the best way possible.

Tailored Car Window Tinting Solutions

At Interstate Image, we understand that every car owner has unique needs and preferences. We offer a range of tint shades and finishes, catering to every style, from subtle and classy to bold and eye-catching. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect tint that suits your needs and enhances your driving experience.

Interstate Image Automotive Window Tinting Services in Salt Lake City, Utah

Protect yourself and your loved ones from the harmful effects of the sun's UV rays inside your vehicle. Interstate Image in Salt Lake City window tinting services not only block up to 99% of the UV rays, preventing damage to your car's interior and upholstery but also reflect these rays to minimize their effects.

Additionally, our tinting can keep the interior of your car up to 60% cooler during hot weather, providing you with a more comfortable driving experience. Moreover, window tinting reduces glare from the sun, snow, and oncoming headlights, ensuring your safety on the road. In the unfortunate event of an accident, our tinting can hold shattered glass together, protecting you and your passengers from potential cuts and injuries.

Make a Statement with Car Window Tinting

Car window tinting has quickly grown from a luxury service to an essential part of vehicle customization and ownership. It's more than just a fancy finish – it's a personal statement. And with the right experts and quality materials, it becomes a smart investment for the future of your vehicle.

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