If you are looking for ways to promote your public safety and emergency vehicles, Interstate Image has you covered. Our professional organization provides advanced graphic design services that can be used to call attention to your vehicles with poignant, creative, and unique safety decals and auto wraps! Take a look at how we can help you with your emergency and public safety vehicles!

What Types of Decals Do Police Vehicles Typically Feature?

Law enforcement vehicles typically feature a variety of decals that help to identify them as law enforcement vehicles. Here are some common types of decals found on police vehicles:
  • Department Logos: These logos help to identify the specific law enforcement agency to which the vehicle belongs.
  • Badge Numbers: Badge numbers or identification numbers are used to identify the individual officer associated with the vehicle.
  • "Police" or "Sheriff" Decals: Sheriff & police vehicle decals ensure that the public readily recognizes the vehicle as a law enforcement vehicle.
  • Emergency Lights and Siren Decals: These decals may include words like "Emergency," "Lights," or "Siren," and they are usually located near the lights and sirens.
  • Reflective Striping: A safety feature found on police vehicles to increase visibility, especially during nighttime operations.
  • Unit Identification: Some police vehicles may have decals indicating the specific departments or branches of the law enforcement agency.
  • Cautionary Decals: Alert the public to the presence of specialized units or equipment in the vehicle.

At Interstate Image, we specialize in creating custom vehicle wraps and graphics for public safety and emergency vehicles. Our team of experienced designers can work closely with you to develop creative and impactful designs that not only enhance the visibility of your vehicles but also promote your agency's image and message.

With our state-of-the-art printing technology and high-quality materials, we produce wraps and decals that are durable, weather-resistant, and long-lasting. Whether you need a full vehicle wrap or just a few decals, we can provide you with a solution that meets your specific needs and budget.

Police Vehicle Decals & Emergency Vehicle Wrap Gallery

Sheriff Car Wraps & Police Vehicle Decals

When it comes to law enforcement vehicles, the wraps and graphics represent the uniforms of your fleet. We use graphics with high degrees of contrast to convey an immediate sense of both authority and recognition. We provide new vehicle colors along with customized vinyl graphics that will conform to the uniform of your area. We provide consistency and reliability when it comes to wraps for police cars.
In order to make sure we focus on the right details with our wraps, we will prep the vehicle surface, use the right tools, and manage the environment to ensure that our police car wraps are made to last. We will walk you through the process from planning to design, production, and installation.

Fire Truck Wrap

We also provide high-quality graphics for fire trucks and other rescue fleets. Our team will design, produce, and install wraps and graphics for fire tracks. We use the best materials in the business, coming straight from 3M. We are able to install both reflective and non-reflective graphics, as we can handle everything from the wraps to the safety decals themselves!
We understand the unique needs that come with lettering, striping, emblems, chevrons, and more. We will take the time to get your fire trucks right. Count on us to generate unique, high-quality wraps and graphics that are perfect for your fire trucks.

Ambulance Wrap

Finally, we can also handle decals, graphics, and wraps for ambulances as well. We know that ambulances are needed on the road at all hours. That is why we will work quickly to make sure that you get your vehicles back quickly. Wraps and decals are quick. If you are looking for anything from complete wraps to small graphics, we have you covered.
Our team is very familiar with the unique legal requirements that come with ambulance wraps. We will find an effective pattern that can be used to alert traffic to your presence. If you are looking for high-quality wraps for your ambulances, trust us to help you.

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At Interstate Image, we have been in business for more than 22 years. During that time, we have developed connections throughout the industry that allow us to meet the unique needs of our customers. We use only the best materials for our vinyl wraps and decals. We produce graphics that are durable, reliable, cost-effective, and instantly recognizable. All of our professionals have certifications from 3M and PDAA. Furthermore, we provide our graphic design services free of charge.

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