In the context of Interstate Image, "window" refers to the glass openings in a vehicle that allow the passage of light and can be modified to enhance privacy, aesthetics, and protection from the sun. Adapting from the standard definition, our focus is specifically on vehicle windows, whether they are fixed or able to be opened and closed.

We offer services such as tinting and wrapping for these windows. Our window tinting service involves applying a thin film to the interior of the vehicle windows, which can improve the vehicle's aesthetic appeal, protect the interior from UV radiation, reduce glare, and enhance privacy.

Our window wraps, on the other hand, can transform these glass surfaces into advertising space, enabling them to serve as mobile billboards without impeding the view from inside the vehicle.

So, when we refer to a "window" at Interstate Image, we view it as more than just an opening in a vehicle. To us, it’s a space that can be optimized for aesthetic appeal, environmental protection, privacy, and marketing efficiency.

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