In the context of Interstate Image, "vinyl" refers to a specific type of material used in crafting our vehicle wraps and window tints. While the term originates from chemistry, denoting a functional group derived from ethylene, it is most commonly associated in our industry with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a type of durable, flexible plastic.

Our vinyl wraps are sheets of adhesive-backed, colored or printed PVC applied to a vehicle to change its appearance. These wraps offer an array of benefits including aesthetic customization, protection of the vehicle's original paint from environmental elements, and the ability to advertise a business or brand.

Our vinyl window tints, on the other hand, are used to darken vehicle windows, reducing glare and heat from the sun, adding a layer of privacy, and protecting the vehicle’s interior from harmful UV rays.

Therefore, at Interstate Image, when we refer to "vinyl," we're talking about the versatile, durable, and adaptable material that forms the basis of our vehicle wraps and window tints.

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