At Interstate Image, "vehicle" refers to a broad range of mobile machines we specialize in customizing and protecting with our high-quality wraps. Beyond the standard definition of transporting people or cargo, in our context, a vehicle is a blank canvas ready to be transformed. Whether they are land vehicles like motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses, or more specialized machines like boats, ATVs, semi trucks, or RVs, we extend our services to a wide variety of vehicles.

From single cars desiring a unique color change wrap to entire fleets requiring uniform branding, each vehicle is an opportunity for us to apply our expertise. Our comprehensive wrap services are designed to cover different types of vehicles, making them eye-catching while also providing a layer of protection against environmental factors.

Irrespective of how the vehicle is classified—wheeled, tracked, railed or skied—our wraps can adapt. Thus, when we refer to a "vehicle" at Interstate Image, we're talking about any mobile machine that can be visually transformed and protected by our range of wrap services.

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