Tinted windows

At Interstate Image, "tinted windows" refer to our service of applying a thin film or laminate to the interior surface of vehicle windows. This procedure can drastically improve the vehicle's aesthetics, enhance privacy, and provide protection from sunlight exposure. Following the standard description, our window film materials are largely made from polyester for optimal clarity, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and acceptance of various additional substances such as ultraviolet inhibitors, offering added protection from harmful UV rays.

Window tinting isn't just about appearance. It also provides a valuable function by reducing glare, preventing the fading of interior materials, and blocking a significant amount of UV radiation. This UV protection helps keep the vehicle cooler, reduces exposure to harmful solar radiation for drivers and passengers, and extends the longevity of the vehicle's interior.

Thus, when we refer to "tinted windows" at Interstate Image, we're talking about a service that combines aesthetic enhancement with pragmatic benefits, providing both visual appeal and practical protection for your vehicle.

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