At Interstate Image, "sunlight" refers to the natural light emitted by the sun that, while being a vital source of light and heat, can cause considerable damage to a vehicle's exterior and interior over time. As with the general definition, sunlight includes infrared, visible, and ultraviolet (UV) light. When a vehicle is constantly exposed to sunlight, the UV radiation can degrade and fade the paint, causing the vehicle to look aged and worn. It can even have an impact on the vehicle's interior, causing materials to crack or fade.

Our vehicle wraps act as a barrier against this sunlight. Much like a sunblock, they absorb and redirect the harmful UV rays, helping to protect and preserve the original paintwork of the vehicle. Beyond functionality, these wraps can also use sunlight to their advantage. The bright light can enhance the vibrancy and visibility of the graphics or color change wraps, making your vehicle stand out.

Thus, when we talk about "sunlight" at Interstate Image, we consider both its challenges and opportunities: its potential for causing damage and its ability to highlight the aesthetics of our wraps

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