solar heat

In the context of Interstate Image, "solar heat" refers to the thermal energy from sunlight that can cause damage to a vehicle's exterior. As the traditional description suggests, solar heat is derived from the absorption of sunlight by surfaces. When a vehicle is exposed to the sun, the surface absorbs solar radiation, which can lead to a rise in temperature, ultimately causing deterioration of the vehicle's paint and interior.

Our vehicle wraps function much like a solar thermal collector, absorbing the solar heat instead of the vehicle's surface directly. However, instead of converting this heat into usable energy, the wrap's goal is to protect the underlying vehicle from the harmful effects of prolonged sun exposure. The wrap not only preserves the aesthetic appearance of the vehicle but also ensures its longevity by protecting it against solar heat.

Therefore, at Interstate Image, when we refer to "solar heat," we focus on the potential damaging effects it can have on a vehicle and how our services can act as a line of defense.

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