mobile billboards

At Interstate Image, "mobile billboards" refers to vehicles wrapped in custom graphics or advertising messages designed to capture the attention of countless people as they travel on the road. While the traditional definition focuses on advertising on the side of a dedicated truck or trailer, our interpretation of mobile billboards extends to any vehicle that has been wrapped in an advertising or custom graphic.

Our high-quality wraps transform cars, trucks, vans, buses, and even boats into moving advertisements, drawing the eyes of pedestrians, drivers, and anyone the vehicle passes by. This form of Out-Of-Home (OOH) advertising makes every journey an opportunity to promote a business, service, or message, providing significant exposure.

Moreover, unlike traditional paint or decals, our wraps offer tremendous flexibility. They can be easily updated or changed based on advertising needs, and they do not cause any permanent changes to the original paintwork of the vehicle.

So, when we discuss "mobile billboards" at Interstate Image, we are referring to the transformative power of vehicle wraps in turning everyday vehicles into highly visible and effective advertising platforms.

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