At Interstate Image, the term "adhesive" pertains to the substance used in the application of our vehicle wraps and window tints. Following the general definition, an adhesive, also known as glue, is a substance applied to the surfaces of materials to bind them together and resist separation.

We utilize a special type of adhesive for our vehicle wraps and window films that allows us to securely and smoothly apply the material to the vehicle's surfaces. This adhesive is designed not only to hold the wrap or tint in place but also to allow for adjustments during the installation process.

A key feature of the adhesives we use is that they are removable, allowing the wrap or tint to be removed without damaging the vehicle's original paint or windows. This feature is important because it ensures that the wraps and tints can be updated or changed based on the customer's requirements without causing any permanent changes or damage to the vehicle.

Therefore, when we talk about "adhesive" at Interstate Image, we're referring to the substance that allows us to apply, adjust, and remove vehicle wraps and window tints safely, efficiently, and without causing harm to the original components of the vehicle.

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